Using machine learning to make data extraction fast and easy.

Machine Learning

About the project.

Impira is dedicated to making work more meaningful and productive by developing the technology to manage data quickly and efficiently. We helped Impira better serve this mission and shift towards machine-learning powered data extraction. Impira customers can now extract the important information they need from documents, PDFs and images faster than ever.


For many businesses, extracting the important data from documents can be tedious, complex and time-consuming. From PDFs to images, files often contain disordered, unstructured data that is challenging to process, and each business has its own unique processing needs.


Impira recognized this challenge and enlisted our help to redesign their product from intelligent content search to machine-learning powered data extraction. We worked closely with Impira’s engineering team to build a no-code platform, powered by machine learning that enables Impira customers to extract important data from any document type in seconds.


- Machine learning model can be trained with just one custom document example

- Stripe implementation to accept subscription payments

- Appcues integration for seamless new customer onboarding

Technologies used







Amazon Web Services


With the development of AI data processing and Impira’s intuitive user interface, Impira users can now process their data and documents with ease and unlock key information with just a few clicks — delivering improved workflows, more efficient operations and decision-making and ultimately greater business success. Impira’s bold new design system was also implemented throughout the product to match their bold new approach to data extraction.

“Fluxon helped us make a critical product redesign fast and efficient. They understood what we needed to achieve for a successful launch, both for the team and for our customers.”

Ankur Goyal, CEO at Impira

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