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Transform healthcare organizations through product leadership & innovative technology.

Transform healthcare industry

At Fluxon, we understand the needs to balance innovative healthcare solutions with the privacy and security of medical data.

We apply the best product and engineering methodologies to launch secure, scalable, and intuitive healthcare software in compliance with HIPAA regulations. We partner with you to achieve your business goals by offering a full-service product development services to position your organization as a leader in the healthcare space.

HIPAA compliant solutions
Better patient experience

Enable physicians to access patient information securely, personalizing their care for each patient.

Optimize healthcare operations

Automate analysis of clinical records while delivering value-based care to patients.

Keeping patient information safe

Our HIPAA compliance team follows rigorous security and privacy requirements to ensure the protection of your patient data.

Agilon Health • Fluxon placeholderAgilon Health • Fluxon

Agilon Health • Fluxon

Launch a robust business intelligence system allowing Agilon Health to scale their operations across thousands of medical clinics in the US.

In partnership with the Agilon team, the Fluxon team built a system that delivers key insights & metrics to primary care physicians and organizational leaders. This new system both saved thousands of manual hours in preparation of such reports and allowed the Agilon team to serve an order of magnitude more clinics and primary care physicians, to achieve their vision of delivering value-based care to every patient.

Fluxon brought a fresh perspective and new expertise at an impressive pace that enabled us to make meaningful change to our business. The entire team has been a pleasure to work with.
Jason Swartz

Executive Director, Agilon Health