Why Hiring Matters So Much to Us.

When it comes to running a successful product development business, nothing is more important than people. Hiring A-level talent is crucial for effective communication, development, and project management. At Fluxon, we prioritize finding the right people above all else. When you find intelligent, motivated, and creative personnel, the rest of your business takes care of itself.

The Democratization of Tech Talent

In the past, organizations looking for top-quality tech talent had to go to Silicon Valley and compete with massive technology companies. Smaller businesses hardly had a chance.

Intelligent, hardworking people outside of Silicon Valley used to have a difficult time connecting with innovative firms looking for engineers. If you weren’t part of the established club, you were out of luck.

Today, things have changed. The proliferation of remote work, combined with the democratization of technical education, has created a landscape where more companies are getting access to top-quality engineers, project managers, and other personnel.

Now, organizations across the globe can find the top talent from across the world, whether they’re based in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, or Barcelona. Employees benefit because they can enjoy the many advantages of working from home. Employers access larger talent pools, greater flexibility, and the opportunity to use asynchronous work to their advantage.

How Fluxon Hires the Best

At Fluxon, when it comes to recruiting, we focus on hiring the best technical and creative minds and not on where they live. Our team has completed successful projects for Google, Zapier, Anomalie and more. How does Fluxon create the perfect team of tech professionals for each project? Here, you’ll find out.

Access to World-Class Talent

As the internet has democratized tech talent across the globe, an increasing number of small and midsize firms are accessing top-quality talent that used to be available to only the largest Silicon Valley tech companies.

In the past, you could only hire talent from within a few miles of your office’s ZIP code. Some dedicated employees may commute for an hour or two to get to headquarters, but companies were otherwise limited to talent in their backyards.

Today, the entire world is your pool of candidates. Your next superstar hire might live in Hyderabad, Kyiv, or Guadalajara. Even if you want to hire people within a few miles of your physical office, many of the top engineers prefer to have the opportunity to work remotely. Indeed, 80% of workers said when faced with two similar employment offers, they would turn down the one that didn’t offer a flexible working option.

Are you dealing with any of the following questions? If so, Fluxon can help you find a solution.

How are technological changes shaping your workforce needs?

Are you finding that a traditional office arrangement isn’t getting you the results you desire? Is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting your business especially hard? By working with Fluxon, you’ll get access to high-quality, remote talent. If you need a technological solution within a tight deadline, we have you covered. By maintaining a skilled, remote workforce, we’re always up and running, prepared to deliver the results you need.

What challenges have you encountered with respect to recruiting, training, and retaining appropriately educated and skilled employees?

Fluxon has extensive experience attracting and retaining the top workers. First, we find the best candidates from across the world – our people represent the top 1% of global talent. Everyday, they show up and build the most innovative products in the world.  Our focus on results and not hours also gives them the flexibility to produce their best work. We’ll discuss our onboarding procedure in detail below.

Fluxon has unique expertise when it comes to training employees. After finding the cream of the crop, we put them through a comprehensive onboarding procedure where they hone their coding, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Fluxon’s In-Depth Hiring Process

Each person to join Fluxon’s team has gone through the same rigorous hiring procedure. Candidates first go through a detailed interview process to test their technical and soft skills. Fluxon was founded by ex-Google employees, and our process closely mirrors Google’s in-depth recruitment procedures.

We focus on hiring well-rounded people, which informs our hiring process. When evaluating candidates, we make sure they can thrive in a variety of work scenarios. When you select for the best, your results speak for themselves.

Focus on Well-Roundedness

We focus on hiring adaptable individuals with multidisciplinary knowledge. We look for “T-shaped” individuals who combine an impressive depth of understanding of their core competency with a broad base of knowledge.

When hiring personnel, some companies try to hire a Jack-of-all-trades – someone who has a shallow understanding of multiple processes or disciplines. However, without developed expertise in one field, your new hire won’t be able to excel and innovate at the highest level.

Many companies understand the importance of hiring an expert. These organizations might decide to onboard anyone with exceptional knowledge in one or two areas. While the new hire’s impressive skill may help drive progress, they may be unable to respond to basic questions regarding areas outside their expertise. Worse, they may lack essential social skills, making remote work challenging for the entire team.

T-shaped individuals have the best of both worlds. While they have developed expertise, they’re also competent in adjacent areas. Plus, they have the people skills necessary to communicate with managers, peers, and clients in a remote work environment. T-shaped people are knowledgeable, versatile, and innovative. They’ll be able to adapt and solve any problem you throw at them.

Commitment to Development

Given our in-depth and involved hiring process, we view each new hire as an investment. As a result, we commit to an extensive onboarding process that allows each individual to find their perfect niche within the company.

Once onboarded, we ensure our people have access to continued training and development resources, enabling them to become experts within their chosen fields. Our team adheres to industry best practices while simultaneously innovating elegant solutions to technological problems.  

By committing to developing our engineers, developers, and other workers, we attract high-quality customers who are looking for the best and the brightest to solve interesting problems. At Fluxon, one of our core values is to “Create Art” – this means we treat each customer project as a unique opportunity to craft an elegant, cutting-edge solution that can transform their business.

The ability to work on intellectually challenging projects attracts more top talent from around the world, creating a virtuous cycle where innovative companies and exceptional personnel meet and produce outstanding work.

Work With Our A-List Team and Get the Results You Need

By hiring the best people from around the world and committing to their development as top-class personnel, we maintain an exceptional workforce. Our team can tackle complex and interesting problems that your business faces. If you want to learn more about how Fluxon can deliver high-quality products at lightning speed, contact us today.