Why Our Team Is Spread Around the World.

At Fluxon, we’re committed to delivering high-quality work at light speed. One of the ways we’re able to attract the best talent is having a remote working culture. While our company was founded in San Francisco, we now have over 100 engineers spread across three continents. Here, you’ll learn why.

What Is a Remote Workforce?

In the traditional employment model, employees wake up, commute, and spend all day at an office. In-person employment has been the norm for as long as we can remember. However, remote work – where employees and contractors can do great work from anywhere in the world – is becoming increasingly popular.

In fact, remote work increased by 159% from 2005 to 2017. According to another 2018 study, 70% of global workforce work remotely at least one day per week. And in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has continued to boom. People around the world are starting to understand the benefits of remote work arrangements.

Remote work comes in a variety of flavors. Some remote employees may live in the same city as their employer but prefer to work from home, coffee shops, or a co-working area close to home. Other remote workers may live on the other side of the world, allowing project managers to take advantage of asynchronous work – we’ll touch more on this below.

Why Remote is Better?

We’re convinced being able to work remotely results in happier teams and the highest-quality work product. By getting access to the best talent, improving employee satisfaction, and providing schedule flexibility, we’re able to provide the highest-quality service to our clients. Plus, we take advantage of asynchronous work to unlock a level of productivity that was previously unimaginable.

Find Better People

The No. 1 reason we have a remote workforce is so we can hire the best people. Personnel can make or break a business. In the world of software development, one great engineer is 10X more productive than a mediocre one. By forming a team of superstars, delivering exceptional work is ingrained in our DNA.

Historically, the top tech talent concentrated in Silicon Valley. Before video chat, instant messaging, and workflow management software, keeping your team in one location allowed for easy communication and intellectual economies of scale. If everyone else was in northern California, then young, promising talent assumed it was the place to be.

However, the tech industry has come a long way since computers were the size of refrigerators. Now that technology enables us to communicate with one another as though we were in the same room, working in Silicon Valley is no longer necessary. With the improvements in remote tools, brilliant engineers, product developers, and other personnel can work on the highest-quality projects, together, from around the world.

At Fluxon, our 100+ engineers are distributed across three continents, allowing us to draw on a pool of talent that isn’t tied, or might not even have access to living in San Francisco. Engineers who work in Silicon Valley demand top salaries so they can keep up with the ballooning cost of living in northern California. By accessing the same top talent where they live, whether that be in another state or another country, we can deliver cutting-edge work that some companies wouldn’t normally be able to access.

Improve Work Satisfaction

Employees at a traditional office job spend thousands of dollars more than those who work at home. Expenses like fuel, dry cleaning, and lunches at the office food court can add up quickly. By working from home, your people can save money for the things that matter to them most.

By cutting out commuting and office politics, remote employees have more time for hobbies, exercise, and family. When your people have time to take care of themselves, they’ll have the energy, motivation, and focus to deliver high-quality work.

Not only does remote work allow employees to save time, but also they can structure their day according to when they’re most productive. Individuals who are the most creative in the morning can wake up before sunrise and start brainstorming for a new product. Night owls who thrive after midnight can work when they’re at their best. At Fluxon, we measure results, not hours. By using a remote workforce, we allow our people to work when they’re the most efficient, energetic, and engaged.

Unlock the Power of Asynchronous Work

Asynchronous work – allowing your team to work on different schedules – isn’t a new idea. Some workplaces, like in Hospitals, factories, and other industries have been taking advantage of versions of asynchronous work for decades. However, asynchronous work at Fluxon means more than just working in shifts. By creating a strategic workflow that takes advantage of different work patterns, time zones, and expertise, we’re able to become masters of productivity.

The 24-Hour Production Window

At a traditional 9-to-5 job, employees enter the office and work together for eight or nine hours. After the workday ends, the employees go home, resulting in 15 to 16 hours where the business is entirely unproductive.

Asynchronous work allows us to keep engineers focused by giving large stretches of uninterrupted focus time that isn’t constrained by only 8 hours in the day, and those days don’t have to overlap for everyone. By working asynchronous, we free up our employees to work when it makes sense, and reduce the distractions that don’t make sense. One early bird on the East Coast of the United States might start working early in the morning, passing it on to a night owl in California several hours later. Once the worker on the West Coast is finished, he or she can send the project to a team member on another continent who’s just starting their workday.

At Fluxon, we have people in time zones around the world, allowing us to work around the clock and make ourselves available for meetings with clients around the world. By taking advantage of asynchronous work, we’re able to be two to three times more productive than a traditional team where all members work at the same time.

Let Engineers Code

The top software engineers didn’t hone their craft so they could participate in endless meetings multiple times each day. They want to build software. At a traditional office, unnecessary meetings may take up hours each day, drawing people away from their tasks.

When working asynchronously, teams tend to hold fewer meetings, freeing up time for personnel to be more productive. When remote teams hold meetings, they can be much more productive. By creating an agenda, sticking to a hard time limit, and clearly assigning action items post-meeting, remote teams can make meetings work for them, not the other way around.

For the most efficient meetings possible, try Dory. With Dory, your team can submit questions before each meeting and upvote their highest priorities. Whether you’re a fully remote business or a company coping with the realities of COVID-19, Dory is an excellent tool to ensure your meetings are helpful, productive, and efficient. We’re letting businesses download Dory for free, so there’s no reason not to sign up today.

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