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A wedding dress customization tool for a unique dress, every time.

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About the project.

Anomalie’s vision is to help every bride design her dream wedding dress. Shortly after fundraising, the team experienced rapid growth and needed a software solution that could meet the demands of their growing customer base. We designed a custom dress builder that systematized the dress design process to increase production speed and quality, allowing Anomalie to support millions of brides in their dress buying journey.

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Technologies used.

Ruby on Rails








From long sleeves to strapless, lace to silk, wedding dresses come in thousands of unique style, color and material combinations. For Anomalie to give every bride their dream dress, their system needed to cater to each bride’s unique tastes, while systematizing enough elements to make the dress-making process efficient and repeatable.

Time to launch

8 weeks


The Anomalie system needed to understand the complex relationship between the individual pieces that make up a wedding dress. We built a new engineering design document that automated the customization process so that Anomalie could build a comprehensive inventory of the billions of possible dress combinations. This made the garment construction process much more streamlined for Anomalie while allowing brides to see the custom wedding dress of their dreams as they build it online.


  • Comprehensive dress builder with billions of possible combinations
  • Generated all the media assets needed to show each unique dress
  • Produced thousands of new SEO opportunities through each unique dress variant


Just two months after joining the project, we launched the first version of Anomalie’s dress builder. It allowed each bride to begin their dress design journey with an existing dress that can be modified to their exact tastes. We also introduced engineering best practices around release processing, monitoring, logging, and engineering design documentation to ensure Anomalie’s team could take over the project and continue its success into the future.

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“Fluxon has been a game-changer for our business. Since Day 1, their work ethic and hustle has been clear and consistent. Not only do they work hard to deliver on their commitments, we lean on them as strategic partners to help us problem-solve and plan for the future.”

Leslie Voorhees Means,

Co-Founder, CEO at Anomalie

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