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About the project.

Cliently helps businesses to unify their customer journeys across multiple channels, all in one place. To accelerate Cliently’s growth and capitalize on market traction, Fluxon built a custom integration solution that offered Cliently customers a consistent user experience between their CRM software and Cliently’s sales tools. By addressing key customer needs quickly, Cliently accelerated its growth ahead of competitors.

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Technologies used.


Amazon Web Services






Google Cloud Platform






Managing and optimizing the customer sales journey can be one of the more challenging tasks in running a business. Businesses that manage multiple channels and CRM softwares often struggle to get a complete view of their customer journeys. Cliently needed to find a way for these businesses to connect the dots from their leads directly into the Cliently sales tools in one easy and consistent experience.

Time to launch

3 months


To solve this challenge, Fluxon developed custom integration solutions to link Cliently with its customers’ primary CRM tools. In just eight weeks, Fluxon developed three unique Chrome extensions that embedded a smooth Cliently experience directly into HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce. This enabled customers to easily manage campaigns and outreach directly from inside these CRM tools. After launching the Chrome extensions, Fluxon went on to launch a stand-alone app experience within six weeks.


  • Custom Chrome extensions for HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce
  • Chrome extensions were able to launch synchronously to maximize engagement and exposure
  • Stand-alone app experience


As a direct result of these innovative solutions, Cliently enjoyed increased customer retention and revenue growth. Fluxon proudly continues to be the primary developer for Cliently’s portfolio of applications.

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“Fluxon delivered beautiful and scalable custom integrations that have been vital to our growth. They also understand the unique challenges startups face and were with us every step of the way.”

Spencer Farber,

CEO at Cliently

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