A crypto-based fantasy sports platform where fans can trade, play and earn.

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About the project.

Fantasy sports has grown exponentially in recent years and is now a $21 billion market (Market Decipher, 2022). Gambit’s vision was to disrupt the industry through a tokenized fantasy sports platform that could allow fans to trade, play and earn through their favorite sports. Crypto tokens representing the largest NBA and FIFA stars could be traded on a marketplace, adding a new skill challenge to the world of fantasy sports.


Communities are the cornerstone of Web3 ecosystems. To drive maximum reach among their target user base, Gambit needed to launch their web and mobile apps ahead of a large-scale sports event. They looked to our team to provide high-quality engineers that could work alongside their founder and product team to design, build and ship their product in time for the 2022 NBA playoffs and 2022-23 European football season.


We built and launched a web app and Android app that integrated with real-time sports data to provide a full-featured fantasy sports experience. Crypto tokens were created for 450+ NBA athletes and 500+ football players, which could be traded on a marketplace based on the Solana blockchain. The game combined free-to-play content with play-to-own, creating an ecosystem sports fans have a collective stake in.


- Automated market maker for athlete tokens

- Real-time ingestion of game data and calculation of fantasy scores

- Detailed admin configuration interface to define, run and monitor contests

- Mobile-first UI that made it easy for users to buy, sell and enter athletes in contests

Technologies used



Google Cloud Platform


Amazon Web Services



Gambit launched a private Alpha ahead of the 2022 NBA playoffs and achieved significant and sustained user growth. Over 27,000 users tested the Alpha from a waitlist of over 130,000. With 2000+ fantasy contests played, Gambit gained valuable real-world feedback and proved their vision was compelling to sports fans throughout the world.

“The Fluxon team was critical in bringing our vision to reality. They lent expertise, professionalism and first-class engineering to the project, enabling us to launch full-featured mobile and web apps for Gambit’s Alpha launch.”

Riaz Lalani, Founder, Gambit

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