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About the project.

Zapier launched an early access program to businesses that gives creators access to powerful no-code automation products and features. Tables allow users to create databases purpose-built for automation and enable them to save, edit and access the data they need to run their “Zaps” i.e. automated triggers and processes. Interfaces enable users to build dynamic interfaces that connect to Zaps and a data source (such as Tables) and give them a drag-and-drop way to build visual workflows for any business process, without writing any code. Fluxon significantly accelerated the development speed of Tables and Interfaces, implementing and shipping the core features below.


The Zapier team came up with the idea for cutting-edge, no-code tools as part of the Zapier Early Access program, so that users can build cohesive automation solutions—all without writing a single line of code. Zapier wanted to build the product “Tables” for customers who want to visualize and interact with their data flowing between their systems and “Zaps,” which are automations users create to save them time and energy. The goal for Zapier Tables is to be an automation-first data source that helps users set up a frictionless system of record for anything they can put into a database. Zapier additionally created the idea of “Interfaces” for customers who need to collect and organize information from stakeholders in an easily automatable way. Interfaces are essentially web pages that are powered by Zaps and that users can build using a drag-and-drop interface designer. The Zapier team approached Fluxon for top-notch engineering talent who could work alongside their tech and product team to build and ship their product in time for their important yearly conference Zap Connect.


We accelerated Zapier’s development speed by building key features of Tables and improving UX, such as by enabling users to navigate through cells using their keyboard. We also shipped many UI features core to Zapier Interfaces as detailed below. For example, the new “Links” component enables a user to add cards and link them to relevant URLs like FAQs, Forms, and more.


- New Field types - implemented support for important field types like Email, Link, Long text, Date & Time, Phone number, and Currency. For each type, users can also easily customize format, alignment, icons, and other field-specific options.

- Custom icons - enabled users to customize their experience by setting column icons in their tables. Users can easily search for icons or simply pick and choose the icon they need from the gallery.

- Field alignment and visibility - enabled users to customize column alignment as per their needs. Users can also control the visibility of every column in their tables.

- Improved navigation - navigation through cells by keyboard, improving user ability to make rapid inserts and updates in their Tables

- New Form Field types - implemented a set of new form fields including dropdown, date picker, phone number, URL, yes/no, and checkbox.

- Appearance settings - implemented a paid feature that allows users to customize page background and accent colors (buttons, border, etc).

- Connecting form fields with a Table - enabled users to pick an existing Table to connect with their forms when a new data source is added.

- “Links” component - created a new module for users to add cards that link to relevant URLs, such as embedded FAQs and forms.

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Success! Zapier launched a closed beta of the new product lines Tables and Interfaces in time for ZapConnect 2022, demonstrating their capabilities for an audience of more than 24,000 attendees. Zapier’s no-code tools built exciting traction with businesses and creators at the cutting edge of today’s automation technology.

“Fluxon was pivotal in helping us accelerate both our Tables and Interfaces initiatives. We had tight deadlines to meet with ever rising technical complexity. They were able to seamlessly embed themselves with our product teams, and shipped code within the first week. We view them as a valuable member of our teams and look forward to partnering with them on future projects.”

Taylor Halliday, Director of Product at Zapier

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