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As part of their early access program, Zapier launched two powerful new ‘no-code’ automation tools. Using Tables, Zapier’s customers can easily create automation-first databases, while Interfaces give them a drag-and-drop way to build visual workflows for any business process. Fluxon significantly accelerated the development speed of both products, implementing and shipping an array of core features.


Web development Staff augmentation UI/UX enhancements


Key automation features Configurable Chatbots Payment Integration

The ask

With their cutting-edge new products, Tables and Interfaces, Zapier aimed to empower their customers to build cohesive automation solutions – all without writing a single line of code. Zapier needed top-notch engineering talent to help their teams build and ship the products ahead of their annual conference, ZapConnect, and achieve a successful general availability (GA) launch for Interfaces.

The solution

Fluxon turbocharged Zapier’s development velocity by building key features for both products. For Tables, this included implementing support for important new field types, custom icons and customizable field alignment and visibility, as well as improving the UX via keyboard-based navigation. For Interfaces, the deliverables included a number of core features like new conditionally-rendered form fields, an embedded chatbot and payment integration, as well as UI/UX enhancements.


Typescript Typescript
Next.js Next.js
Django Django
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Recoil Recoil
Firebase Firebase
React React
Python Python
Vercel Vercel
OpenAI OpenAI
Datadog Datadog

The impact

Success! With Fluxon’s help, Zapier launched a closed beta of Tables and Interfaces in time for ZapConnect, demonstrating their capabilities to over 24,000 attendees. Our contribution to Interfaces’ successful GA launch also helped drive a record number of first-time visitors and builders. Zapier’s no-code tools have built exciting traction with businesses and creators at the forefront of today’s automation technology.

Taylor Halliday

“Fluxon was pivotal in helping us accelerate both our Tables and Interfaces initiatives. We had tight deadlines to meet, with ever rising technical complexity. They were able to seamlessly embed themselves with our product teams, and shipped code within the first week. We view them as a valuable member of our teams and look forward to partnering with them on future projects.”

Taylor Halliday

Director of Product Zapier