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Packlane makes it easy and affordable for small businesses to design and order custom boxes and packaging online.


Packlane is the preeminent provider of custom shipping packaging for direct to consumer (D2C) companies. For D2C companies, packaging is a critical part of their customer relationship and must be as unique as their products. To deliver on that, Packlane had developed a unique and custom solution to allow customers maximum flexibility and control over their packaging needs.

Always seeking the next frontier of innovation for services to provide to customers, Packlane identified an opportunity to provide customers the ability to purchase bulk shipping labels in an easy-to-use system. Packlane wanted it to be intuitive and user-compelling. Packlane partnered with Fluxon to design, develop, and launch the new product called Shiplane.


Fluxon began this project with a simple and audacious goal: rapidly launch a modern, intuitive web application for customers to easily purchase shipping labels.

We developed a comprehensive product and engineering plan within the first week of the project. 12 weeks later, launched an MVP+ which included: integrations with four distinct systems, a comprehensive UI/UX design interface and improvements to address feedback from early beta users. Given Packlane's existing solution, we also delivered a seamless Shiplane-build on top of Packlane's technical infrastructure. Regular collaboration with Packlane and other services partners, as well as iteration based on early customer feedback and testing were core to the development process and project success.

Also, in order to ensure ongoing success and deeper integration of the product, we provided detailed developer documentation and design docs, and collaborated with the Packlane engineering and product team every step of the way.


Shiplane is the first new service launched by Packlane, and the beginning of an exciting, customer-focused ecosystem of services that enables Packlane's customers to control every step of their brand's experience.

The Fluxon team blew us away each week with the progress they made on the Shiplane project. They created urgency and held every component to an extremely high standard.
Miriam Brafman

Founder & CEO

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