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About the project.

The ability to capture interesting content from anywhere on the internet, save it in a library and read it later is a simple, yet powerful idea. It also presents a highly complex challenge. Omnivore surpasses all other web readers in its ability to parse content from across the web and save it in a reader-friendly virtual library. It also gives readers the ability to highlight, comment on and share content with friends.


From news articles to tweets, online content is diverse and growing. The reader experience is often cluttered with ads and embedded content. For web readers like Omnivore, capturing just the consumable part becomes a huge challenge. Omnivore needed to create a reader view that allowed users to save just the content they’re looking for and leave out all the filler.


When we started work on Omnivore, we initially relied on Readability.js (an open-source library), but it hadn’t fully solved the problem. What worked on one website would often lead to a negative impact on another website, depending on how the content was formatted. So we created a test set of the top 200 websites, and continuously vetted and improved Omnivore’s reader-mode capabilities against their content. In a few months, we were able to solve key challenges that other web readers had failed to solve, such as the ability to easily select content from sites with endless scrolls.


- Ability to highlight, comment on and share content links with friends

- Clean, simple UI strips out all the unnecessary content for a reader-friendly view of saved pages

- Progress reading bar reflects how far along users are in an article

- Personal library to save links, with ability to customize and filter library content

Technologies used






Google Cloud Platform

Apollo Server

Apollo Client



The ability to analyze the diverse and growing formats of online content is almost an impossible problem. Through Omnivore, we made a big dent in this challenge and provided readers with an effective solution for saving their favorite content. Omnivore outperformed all existing solutions in our tests, and with many more exciting features and improvements in the pipeline, it is setting the new standard for content curation and sharing.

“Fluxon delivered an experience that goes above and beyond any other web reader available today. They approached the project with a reader-centric mindset, and built the custom capabilities and features that make Omnivore so appealing to our users.”

Jackson Harper, Founder & CEO at Omnivore

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