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More and more businesses are integrating AI into their tech stacks. By enabling their clients to test and improve the performance of their large language models (LLMs), Braintrust help them ship better products, faster. Acting as development partner, Fluxon built a powerful yet user-friendly interface for the Braintrust product, greatly accelerating its time to market.


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The ask

As a new company with a small team, Braintrust were looking for a partner they could trust to develop their AI software’s user interface. Speed to market was critical, so they needed an experienced team that could build the UI rapidly, while implementing client feedback and requests.

The solution

Fluxon built an easy-to-use interface that enables Braintrust’s clients to quickly evaluate and optimize the quality of their LLMs’ responses. For Braintrust, adaptability and flexibility in development were key. Together, we rapidly iterated on feedback and requests from users, building new features and finetuning others as needed. The result was a powerful yet elegantly simple UI – one that’s helping the next generation of AI-powered companies to perfect their models.


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The impact

Fluxon’s rapid development approach helped Braintrust get an impressive new product to market swiftly. Trusting us to deliver a robust UI, their team was free to focus on perfecting the backend and growing the business. By building an excellent product and remaining consistently responsive to their clients’ needs, Braintrust have proven themselves to be an indispensable partner. This has driven client retention and established their reputation as a leading player in the development of high-functioning AI systems.

Ankur Goyal

“I’m a repeat client of Fluxon’s for a reason! The Fluxon team are experts in their field and deliberate in their work. At BrainTrust we were searching for a partner to help us develop our analytics platform for building AI software. The Fluxon team delivered a robust UI and helped us become a leading stack in development of AI systems”

Ankur Goyal

CEO Braintrust