Revolutionizing customer support with generative AI

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Finding answers can often be a tedious and time-consuming ordeal. Our client, a Fortune100 tech company, wanted to remove the pain points and turn customer support into a competitive advantage. We reimagined the experience for them, delivering an AI-driven assistant that makes it faster and easier for their customers to get the answers they need.


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The ask

With a huge portfolio of products, this tech giant needs to provide fast, reliable support for their many millions of users, ranging from individuals up to global advertisers. Their vast product help centers are difficult to navigate, however, and the information can be lengthy and confusing. To revolutionize their support experience, the team realized they needed to take an AI-first approach.

The solution

We built a cutting-edge AI assistant that makes solving problems a breeze. The system compiles and synthesizes a massive number of customer help center articles, in order to give users the help they need, quickly and at scale. It continually learns and improves via a feedback loop and, by asking questions, is able to clarify and understand users’ unique problems, even if their queries are ambiguous or highly misspelled. Via a simple, beautiful interface it then guides them through a series of steps towards a custom solution.


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The impact

Our client tested our solution against a range of other AI models and found that it outperformed them all in terms of customer satisfaction, issue resolution and trust. Based on this success, they’ve integrated our solution into their core support product, and have also deployed it to help their employees navigate internal help documentation.

F100 enterprise

Super impressive. This is way over what I thought possible.

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