Real-time employee feedback, direct from the micro-kitchen

Google office


With a large campus spanning across multiple cities and buildings, Google needed a way to stay on top of what was happening in their office micro-kitchens and quickly resolve any issues. We built and managed a large fleet of kiosk tablets that enabled their OperationsTeam to monitor employee feedback in real-time, seamlessly collect quick feedback, and log issues directly to responsible staff members.


Full product build UI/UX design Ongoing fleet management and maintenance


Campus-wide tablet deployment Custom-built app Smart reporting and routing system Direct communication feature

The ask

From broken coffee machines to missing snacks and spills, Google Facilities team receives a range of feedback from Googlers in their office micro-kitchens every day. The Facilities team needed a way to stay on top of what was happening across their campus and quickly resolve any issues.

The solution

We developed a hybrid hardware-software solution, deploying hundreds of tablets with a custom-built app across Google offices. The software features a smart reporting and routing system, giving Googlers a fast and easy mechanism to report issues or send quick feedback. The Facilities team can keep Googlers informed on the progress of issues via its direct communication feature, and can also run highly-targeted custom surveys for quick sentiment capture.


Angular Angular
Golang Golang
Typescript Typescript
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Android Android

The impact

It took us just eight weeks to build, test and launch the initial version. In the first few days alone, Google collected thousands of individual feedback and data points, which provided actionable insights to improve their employees’ kitchen experiences. We continue to manage and maintain the fleet and infrastructure, helping to ensure Googlers stay happy and well-fed.


“Fluxon stepped in to help get a challenging project completed. They were fast, detailed and our entire team was thrilled with the results. They combine the best balance of rigor and execution.”

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