Marketing Evolution

Realizing the potential of marketing analytics through intelligent UI design

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Marketing Evolution (or Mevo) combine artificial intelligence and generative attribution to empower their clients with ground-breaking marketing analytic tools. We helped Mevo reimagine their user experience, designing a modern, intuitive interface that removed complexity and unveiled the true power of their technology.


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Intuitive user interface Modular design system Streamlined information hierarchy

The ask

While Mevo’s advanced analytic technology gives marketers a much more holistic view than traditional models, users were finding it difficult to discover vital product features. Potentially game-changing functionality was buried within the interface, and its outputs could be difficult to action. The company needed a simple-to-use UI/UX that could harness and channel the power of the engine underneath.

The solution

During a thorough discovery phase we pinpointed Mevo’s unique competitive advantages, as well as gaps in core functionality. We rapidly built and iterated on interactive prototypes, including a new integrated dashboard, then translated them into high-fidelity mockups for engineering implementation. The result was a completely redesigned, state-of-the-art user interface. The new, simplified information hierarchy allows for the easy discovery and use of powerful and previously unsurfaced features, while the future-proof design system enables flexible scaling.


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The impact

Our designs helped Mevo distill their advanced technology into an easy-to-use, best-in-class analytics tool. Armed with more actionable insights from their forecasting models, Mevo’s teams are equipped to deliver cutting-edge marketing analytics that help their clients win.

Stephen Williams
Marketing evolution

“Marketing Evolution was a Ferrari F1 engine hidden inside a 1980s Volkswagen. Fluxon’s product and design teams helped us craft a UI/UX to help change that. We genuinely believe that Fluxon sets a benchmark for excellence in their field.”

Stephen Williams

CEO Marketing evolution