Building a web3 social network from the ground up

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Taki is a Web3 social network that puts creators first. Built on the Solana blockchain, its pioneering Engage-to-Earn model allows users around the world to earn $TAKI crypto tokens through community participation. We led Taki’s product development and go-to-market strategy, taking it from concept to launch and growing it to more than 800,000 users in its first year.


0-1 product development & strategy Full product build GTM consulting Consumer insights & user testing


Web3 social network Blockchain integration Token-based rewards economy

The ask

Supported by Superlayer.io, the Bay Area incubator from the co-founders of Rally, Taki’s founders saw huge potential in the social finance space. They needed to move quickly to capitalize on the opportunity, and hiring product and engineering teams from scratch would have taken too long. They therefore turned to Fluxon, to rapidly turn a brilliant concept into a real product and take it to market.

The solution

We worked closely with Taki, staffing their entire product and engineering teams and advising on their business strategy. We designed and built the social network and its token-based rewards model, launched an MVP and then iterated on it following customer insights and feedback. We also helped Taki develop organic growth strategies that drove interest, anticipation and demand, enabling the team to secure significant funding and rapidly grow their active user base.


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Solana Solana

The impact

Fluxon took a promising idea and made it a reality, increasing users from zero to over 800,000 in under 12 months. By anticipating and responding quickly to Taki’s evolving needs, on everything from product design and development to funding and marketing, we delivered a comprehensive product that enabled the company to take advantage of an exciting business opportunity.

Kevin Chou

“What impressed me the most about Fluxon was that they treated Taki like their own startup - they were willing to do whatever it took to help Taki succeed.”

Kevin Chou

co-founder Taki