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Google’s Facilities team manages real estate, spaces, and kitchen operations across hundreds of offices globally. Every floor of each Google building has at least one micro-kitchen, with local snacks, coffee machines, and much more. These micro-kitchens are a critical part of the Google employee perk experience and provide food and snacks for tens of thousands of Googlers daily.


Google Facilities needed a way to collect real-time feedback from micro kitchens and surface any issues to the local operation team to resolve. Googlers across offices want a quick and easy way to report issues and give feedback, and the operation team needs a way to route it to the appropriate team. From broken machines, to missing items and spills, each type of issue will have rules and groups that can handle it.


Fluxon developed a hybrid hardware-software solution by deploying hundreds of tablets across Google cafeteria’s and micro kitchens with custom software to provide Googlers with a fast and easy mechanism to report any issues. Our custom software enabled a smart operational routing and reporting system to address each issue quickly and efficiently. In keeping with Google’s desire for personalize support, we also developed a communication feature between staff and users to inform them on issue progress and resolutions.


Fluxon completed building and testing a custom system for Google REWS team within 8 weeks. On launch day, tablets were deployed across offices global and collected thousands of individual feedback data points of feedback items in the first few days alone. This comprehensive solution addressed a key Google Facilities OKR and resulted in happier Googlers across the world.

Fluxon stepped in to help get a challenging project completed. They were fast, detailed and our entire team was thrilled with the results. They combine the best balance of rigor and execution.
Karl Bohan

Product at Google

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