Smart shipping software to get goods from A to B, fast.

Shipping Platform

- Time to launch 3 months

About the project.

In the highly competitive shipping market, speed can make or break your service. Packlane needed a fast, scalable solution to streamline the shipping process for its customers. We built an intelligent software system called Shiplane that helped e-commerce businesses purchase discounted shipping labels quickly, reliably and safely. All in a clean, easy-to-use interface.


Shipping packages can be one of the more time-consuming tasks in running a small business, and most shipping services are not designed with the needs of an e-commerce company in mind. Packlane needed a scalable solution that could make it easy for small businesses to easily manage shipments, from placing orders to printing labels.


We began with a simple and audacious goal: rapidly launch a modern, intuitive web application where Packlane’s e-commerce customers can easily purchase shipping labels. In week one, we developed a comprehensive product and engineering plan. In just under three months, we launched an MVP of Shiplane, a new shipping software for Packlane’s e-commerce customers.


- API integrations with four distinct systems, such as USPS

- Comprehensive user interface and design system

- Integration with Packlane’s existing technical infrastructure

Technologies used






Apollo Client


Google Cloud Platform


Apollo Server

Amazon Web Services


Regular collaboration with the Packlane team and their service partners, as well as iteration based on early customer feedback, was core to the development process. Shiplane launched to the market with great success, a new competitive offering to Packlane customers. In addition, Packlane’s development velocity was significantly increased with a new modern tech stack, allowing them to continue the fast pace development and bring new products and offers to the market at increased speed.

“The Fluxon team blew us away each week with the progress they made on the Shiplane project. They created urgency and held every component to an extremely high standard.”

Miriam Brafman, Founder & CEO at Packlane

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