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Partnered with Impira to launch a complete product redesign.


Impira’s mission is to make data meaningful. With machine learning, Impira helps users extract everything they need from their PDFs, scanned documents, images, and more.

Fluxon partnered with Impira to help augment their engineering team and accelerate product development for an important product redesign launch that shifted Impira’s business focus from intelligent content search to machine-learning powered data extraction. As part of this launch, the core product and its use cases changed, and Impira’s design team updated their product design system to match their brand: bolder, more innovative, and simpler to empathize with their new target users.

Fluxon joined Impira’s core product and engineering team and helped accelerate this critical product launch by implementing Impira’s new design system throughout their entire product, building their Stripe implementation to accept subscription payments from their customers and building first-time user experience (FTUX) flows using Appcues to help onboard new customers. In addition to this work, Fluxon also built a continuous deployment system to production - saving Impira’s engineering team countless hours each week by automatically pushing out new updates live to their product.

By hiring Fluxon to help augment their engineering team, Impira was able to significantly accelerate their overall product development and not delay their product redesign launch. As Fluxon helped build and integrate new product features and technologies into Impira’s main product, Impira’s engineering team was able to focus and accelerate their efforts in improving their core product to ensure their product launch was a success.

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